Wednesday, July 29, 2009

course outline

SACE Stage 1 assessment plan summary

FOCUS AREA: Systems and Control Products
CONTEXT: Computer Systems

OVERALL TASK SUMMARY: Produce and evaluate a software product for a real audience that could be used to help explain the potential of the XO and / or Sugar to help educate the children in developing countries


1) Investigate the xo hardware and Sugar software and explain its social potential (20%)

Student communication: blog, photos

2) Investigate and critically analyse the different types of Sugar software (20%)

Student communication: blog, screenshots

3) With a partner document your plans to make a software product using some part or parts of the Sugar software. After you have made it you will then use your software product to explain the power of the xo or Sugar to another student or students (not in this class) (20%)

Student communication: wiki

4) Make the software product, with your partner. Then present what you have made with an explanation to both peers (not in this class) and the teacher for evaluation. Part of the marks will be awarded for the amount of skill involved in the final product. (40%)

Student communication: wiki, evaluation sheet

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