Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timor Leste presentation

I asked Rosemary and David Rowe to present to the class about their recent visit to Timor Leste. David and I are part of a group which is looking at introducing some xos to Timor Leste (Seaton OLPC Users Group), aka East Timor.

Rosemary was the main presenter and she did a great job of intermingling both the socio-economic situation with various computing initiatives originating from missionary and Non Government Organisations (NGOs). The students were a wonderful attentive audience and took a lot of notes. I told them they have to type up a report, with some images from Rosemary's slides, of the presentation by Friday and mentioned the dreaded homework word. From the sidebar I notice that some drafts have gone up already. It's a good class.

Thank you, Rosemary and David :-)

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