Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joel Stanley: Questions and Answers

Joel Stanley talked to the class yesterday. I suggested to joel beforehand that we try to make it a question and answer session and he thought it was a good idea too.

Joel is an engineering student who worked on the xo as an intern at MIT in 2007. More

Initially, the class was quite surprised when I told them of our presentation plan but they adapted alright. When the question flow dried up a little then Joel would put up one of his slides to give them a clue about what to ask next.

The student requirement was to blog the questions and answers. I notice five student blogs about this but haven't read them all yet. I just read control-tech-sama's blog and it's quite impressive

Joel owns four xos so he was able to demonstrate collaboration to the class by:
(a) two xos measuring the distance between each other
(b) a collaborative co-authoring Write activity

Later on in the lesson some students who are interested in doing engineering at Uni had a conversation with him about what that involves. Joel also talked to them about his involvement with the development of Google Chrome (Summer of Code project)

It was a great opportunity for the control tech students to get a glimpse at how cutting edge technology is developed and how following your instincts can lead to very interesting places. Many thanks to Joel for his Q&A session.

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