Friday, August 14, 2009

physics games screenshots

This video is from a session with Sugar at the Boston Museum of Science Computer Clubhouse by an approximately 11 year old student

mmm ... I wonder if we could make some videos like this next week of the games students have made using physics

Today the challenge again was for students to make a game in physics and then post a description and screenshot to their blogs. They could work in groups of up to three if they wanted.

Here are a couple of screenshots with abbreviated descriptions. Read the student blogs for more detail.

We called it Keep It Up!. The aim of the game is to make an any shaped object at 1.5cm starting from one of the 4 top columns, you then drop the object and try to get the bottom without touching/or atleast try not to touch the triangles. The object that touches the triangles the least wins. Players only have 4 tries (source)

The aim of the game is to draw a ball at the top of the screen and then hope it drops into one of goals at the bottom. There are three goals and each are worth either one, two or three points. The sticks and triangles in the middle of the screenshot are obstacles which rotate and spin to toss the ball around the screen. (source)

update: 21st August
My game I have created is similar to a favourite game of mine Street Fighter©, a great game I’m sure most of my blog readers have heard about and played. But my version is slightly different. In my game players take turns to create a move (using the slingshot type function) and use it on the opponent or be able to drag the character and knock them out of the screen (source)

The aim of the game is to try and get three balls of any size (your choice) and using the rubber band like tool to throw the ball over the wall and get the ball to land on either of the three platforms which have points on them (5,10 and 20 points). The ball must be on one of the three long platforms in order for the point to count. Once all three balls have been thrown it is the next player's turn to throw. (source)

The goal for our game was to get the ball into the goals which are on the top right hand corner of picture. Our group all drew a ball in the far top right corner and we watched till one off the balls got in, the picture shows that moment, the orange ball almost made it but it rolled backwards and fell out (source)

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  1. You can use Screencast to capture video in Sugar.
    On a XO its a bit laggy but it might be better on your hardware