Wednesday, August 26, 2009

physics fun


You may work in a group. In one or two lessons make one of the following simulations and post to your blog with the alias names of your group

Build a complex or elegant building that doesn't fall down when placed on top of an earthquake simulator (see screenshot). The earthquake simulator can be modified to produce longitudinal and transverse waves

Use just links and circles to make a structurally sound Eiffel Tower

Make a see saw keep moving for as long as possible without using grab

Sorting different sized balls in to two buckets, large and small (with no jams).

Ping pong, can you make a device that hits a ball back and forth across the screen?

Make a blender

Make a puppet dance

Make a dog run

Make a piston so that balls are released one by one through an opening

Source for many of these ideas: Sugar Labs: Physics

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